Friday, June 22, 2012

I'm back after a long time missing....

Hi everybody and sorry for not writing anything for so much time. Write a post is a nice thing and I love it but it takes time and during this last period I haven't had any time to write anything here or to cooperate tightly with my favorite community: the Pentaho community. During that time I was taken starting my own little company here in Italy (initially I spent 7 years as a freelance consultant) called SeraSoft. I decided to do that because I though it was the moment to change something in my professional life. This is a new job for me and it is really hard: manage a new business in a  so competitive environment as for the Information Technology is much harder than developing and designing good software. We have a little office in Boffalora Sopra Ticino, a little town located 20 km far from Milan near to the river Ticino. It is a good place to stay away from the traffic of the city but at the same time we're near and it takes us really a few to be in the city.

Visualizzazione ingrandita della mappa

During these last months we made a lot of interesting things on real life projects with Pentaho and also other interesting Open Source technologies like Liferay, SugarCRM and Openbravo working with companies of any size in sectors like Banking, Telecommunication, Services, Industry and Automotive. Lastly I decided that it was the time to came back heavily working in the community and I re-started doing something I hope interesting for anyone giving my two cents to help the Open Source ecosystem to grow. I'm trying to take this idea of cooperating also to my colleagues so we hope to be able to quickly give our contribution as a company.

That said I thought it's time to came back and start sharing with you all the experiences of myself and my team about Pentaho and the other products we're using and I hope they could be of interest for you all. So stay tuned and for the next news from this channel and also follow us on GitHub to look directly at what we're doing. So see you soon! There are some chestnuts that are cooking on the fire and that are almost ready to be eaten.

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  1. "Banking, Telecommunication, Services, Industry and Automotive" ... so you forgot about me? :(
    Remember that you have worked in health care too? ;)