Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My first book about Pentaho is out!

Today is a great day for me and I'm very proud about this. It is the realization of a dream I had from a long time: have the possibility to write a technical book.

In February 2013, a guy from Packt Publishing wrote me an email saying that he read at my blog, he liked it and so he decided to ask me about writing a book about Pentaho Data Integration. The book is about kitchen and how to use the PDI's command line tools efficiently to help people in their day to day operations with Pentaho Data Integration. It is a practical book and it seemed relatively easy to write. At first I was surprised and excited (a lot I must admit). It seemed me impossible that someone somewhere in the world noticed my blog and decided to trust me. I was really proud and honored about this so I decided to test me on this and I accepted.

Now, after 4 months of work, that book is finally out and you can order it!

I just wanted to thanks Packt Publishing for this opportunity and especially all the people from Packt that helped me in this adventure by reviewing my work and giving me useful suggestions about to improve my work of novice writer the best I can. I also want to thanks my technical reviewer Joel Latino for the precious help he gave in reviewing the book and suggesting things to improve it.


  1. Congratulations Sergio, it's a very good job!

  2. Congratulations Sergio, it's a very good job!

  3. Wow, now you've got the subject for a speech ;-)


  4. Excellent goal! But the next?

  5. Well done Sergio, now I really have to read it!

  6. Complimenti! (potevi avvisare perĂ², rospo!)

  7. Congratulations Sergio!!! for sure its a great book

  8. Thanks you Sergio! Actually I found your book online and purchased it even before I saw this post! Now I know that it's your book, I am excited to dive myself into it this holiday season. :)
    Thanks again for great work!